Chuckie Egg 2009 [hack]

(AKA Chuckie Egg 6)




Eight extra levels by Dave Edwards for the classic Chuckie Egg. The levels were created with Dave Edwards's level-editor, which was part of the original Chuckie Egg 2009 release.

The full game, including the level-editor, was published on 8BS public domain disc TBI-185.

The new levels (without the editor) were published on Electron User Group PD disc 70 in 2009, and this BBC Micro game is an adaptation of that Electron release.


TitleChuckie Egg 2009 [hack] (AKA Chuckie Egg 6)
PublishersOrgan Grinder's Monkey
A&F Software
AuthorsDave Edwards
Doug Anderson
Release TypeMods
Primary genrePlatformer
JoystickNot Supported
Players1 to 4
SaveNot Supported
CompatibilityA:✘ B:✔ Master: Untested
Electron ReleaseYes
VersionUnofficial release



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Other Versions

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Title Publisher Year
Chuckie Egg A&F Software, Beau Jolly, Pick & Choose AKA Pick N Choose 1983