Cascade Cassette 50 [BBC Micro]




This compilation contains fifty very poor-quality "shovelware" games.

  • Attacker (game 8) is a slightly altered version of Bomber from Beebug magazine, by David Graham.
  • Force Field (game 21) is very similar to Space City from Beebug magazine, by J. Banks.

U.T.S. stands for "Ulrich Technical Services" and is the brainchild of its owner, Guy Ulrich Wilhelmy. An interview with Guy can be found here.

More than you ever wanted to know about Cascade Cassette 50.

This compilation was later released on 8BS PD disc TBI201.

It appears that Cascade labelled the BBC Micro cassette and the Acorn Electron cassette the wrong way round. The cassette that was originally labelled "BBC" contained games mainly in MODE 6, which suits the Electron much better, while the cassette labelled "Electron" had higher-quality games that were better suited to the BBC Micro! The compilation on this webpage was wrongly labelled "Electron" originally, but we have chosen to correct the error and to label it as the BBC Micro version here.


TitleCascade Cassette 50 [BBC Micro]
8-Bit Software (8 Bit Software) (8BS)
AuthorsGuy Ulrich Wilhelmy
Don Rigby
David Graham
J. Banks
Release TypeCommercial Release
Primary genreCompilation
Secondary genreShovelware
JoystickNot Supported
Players1 to 2
SaveNot Supported
CompatibilityA:✘ B:✔ Master: Untested
CompilationCascade Cassette 50



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Alternative Versions

This page is the entry for the canonical version of the game. For specific variants, see the list below.

Title Publisher Year
Galactic Attack Cascade 1983
Smash The Windows Cascade 1983
Tanker Cascade 1983
Plasma Bolt (AKA Death Stars) Cascade 1983
Maze Eater Cascade 1983
Dynamite Cascade, Electron User Group 1983
Sitting Target (AKA React) Cascade, Electron User Group 1983
High Rise Cascade 1983
Ivasive Action (AKA Evasive Action) Cascade 1983
Orbitter Cascade 1983
Tunnel Escape Cascade 1983
Submarines Cascade 1983
Force Cascade 1983
Inferno Cascade 1983
Exchange Cascade 1983
Pontoon Cascade 1983
Noughts And Crosses Cascade 1983