Published in the book The Giant Book Of Games For Your BBC Micro from Fontana Publishing. The book contains the following description:

Based on Draughts, this game pits you (the round, mandala like pieces) against the BBC Micro's pieces (which look a little like Chess knights). You move diagonally, as in Draughts, and you capture by jumping over the opponent's piece into an empty square beyond. There are no multiple jumps. Each piece can move in any direction (that is, forwards or backwards on the diagonal).

You start off in the corner of the board, rather than along the sides as in ordinary Draughts. You defeat your trusty BBC Micro if you manage to capture seven of its pieces before it manages to capture seven of yours. The computer will concede the game if it decides you have such a lead that it could never catch up.

You'll find the game runs very quickly, and the computer's response time increases a little as the game progresses. You move by entering a four-digit number, made up from the number across the top then down the side of the piece you're moving, then the number across the top then down the side of the square you're moving to.


PublisherFontana Publishing
AuthorsTim Hartnell
Ian Hutt
Release TypeBook
Primary genreBoard Game
Secondary genresChess Variant
Board Game (Draughts)
JoystickNot Supported
PlayersSingle Player
SaveNot Supported
CompatibilityA:✘ B:✔ Master: Untested
CompilationGiant Book Of Games For Your BBC Micro (BOOK)



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