Saucer Encounter




Published in the book The Giant Book Of Games For Your BBC Micro from Fontana Publishing, which contains the following description:

In this challenging game, based on an idea by Garry Wilson, you are working in real time, trying to land your spacecraft on the flying saucer which moves across the bottom of the screen.

When the game is underway, the screen is dotted with randomly plotted stars, and there's even a right bracket for a moon. Fuel is being consumed all the time, and you must land on the saucer before all the fuel has been used up. Your ' pilot rating' depends, in part, on how little fuel you used up to land successfully. Crash landings do not acquire a rating.


TitleSaucer Encounter
PublisherFontana Publishing
AuthorsTim Hartnell
Ian Hutt
Garry Wilson
Release TypeBook
Primary genreSpace
Secondary genreLunar Lander
JoystickNot Supported
PlayersSingle Player
SaveNot Supported
CompatibilityA:✘ B:✔ Master: Untested
CompilationGiant Book Of Games For Your BBC Micro (BOOK)



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