Acorn User Games Disc




This disc was first advertised for sale in Acorn User magazine in October 1988.

It consists of previously published Acorn User games: Warlord (Peter Voke), Wizalon (David Lawton), Run Silent, Run Deep (Phil Martin), Castle of Nightmares (Mark de Weger), Quadline (David Acton), 3D Pentominoes (AKA Polyominoes) (David Lawrence/Don Scales), Race to Varpon (Oscar Rune), Maze (David Lawrence), Mastermind (Orson Fact), and Lurch (Stan Froco).

Orson Fact is a made-up name. It is an anagram of Stan Froco.

[I have trawled the Acorn User "Abuser's Diary" from 1984 to the release of this disc in October 1988 and cannot find the source of the Mastermind game. --Lee]