Balloon Fun

(AKA Balloon)




Published in the June 1983 issue of Personal Computer World magazine. An update was published in the September 1983 issue which made the game compatible with the new operating system 1.20. Originally authored by A. Roe, assisted by K. Roberts and M. Stevinson — Balloon Addict.

Published on the Best Of PCW Software For The BBC Micro compilation from Personal Computer World magazine. These compilation cassettes were published by Century Communications Ltd. The accompanying book contained the following description:

In this exciting game you must steer a balloon through a rocky ravine to safety. You control your balloon with the keys shown in the introduction sequence and you must avoid having the rocks burst your balloon. Easy, except that your balloon sways from side to side in the wind and can easily swing back at just the wrong moment. It takes a lot of patience and skill to win at this game! Bon voyage, and I hope it doesn't take you eighty days to get through this one.


Later published on theElectron  User Group PD Disc 47 in January 2000.


TitleBalloon Fun (AKA Balloon)
PublishersPersonal Computer World (PCW) (VNU Business Publications)
Electron User Group
Century Communications Ltd.
AuthorsAdrian Roe
K. Roberts
M. Stevinson
Release TypeMagazine
Primary genreMaze
Secondary genreBalloon
JoystickNot Supported
PlayersSingle Player
SaveNot Supported
CompatibilityA:✘ B:✔ Master: Untested
CompilationBest Of PCW Software For The BBC Micro (BOOK)



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Alternative Versions

This page is the entry for the canonical version of the game. For specific variants, see the list below.

Title Publisher Year
Helicopter Rescue [hack] Personal Computer World (PCW) (VNU Business Publications), Self-published 1983